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Updated: Oct 21, 2020

The Past 3 Months -

I know I said I'd be back in 2 weeks after the move. But I think I underestimated the amount of time and energy it takes to pack and unpack an entire house.

We moved from the suburbs of Raleigh to a 5 acre homestead just outside of Asheboro. Complete with a 1950's farmhouse (which needs a lot of TLC), an eight stall horse barn, and a pond. We moved with our two dogs and two chickens. Then added 11 more chickens and planted a garden. Built fences and roads. Painted the living room, dining room, two offices, and most of the kitchen so far. As well as the entire front exterior and some of the front deck. Removed an old stone patio and installed a new paver one ourselves. I'm getting tired just writing about all that we've done. But I'm so proud of us, of the team Myles and I have become and how much we've grown. Also a global pandemic hit about a month into our new adventure. And we didn't have internet for 2 weeks. So we know how it feels to live in the 1800's (with indoor plumbing).

The Road Ahead -

We face many challenges. Everyday it seems like 5 more pop up. And I can't help but feel like something has changed for our society. Life may never return back to normal for many people. Some business will never open their doors again. I can't be certain of what the future holds for Hammer and Heart. With the current economic situation, no local events on the books and a lot on my plate. I do know that I'm grateful to have the ability to design and create. I'm just going to keep on growing and learning.

Call to Action -

When writing a blog, it's suggested to end with a call to action. Usually for a jewelry business that would be to check out a new collection or follow a new social page. But today, my call of action for you is to learn one new thing a day. Feel free to share that new thing in the comment section below.


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