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New Fall/Winter Pieces from Hammer & Heart

Hey everyone!

I just wanted to stop by and let y'all know there are 4 new pieces on the Hammer & Heart shop that I'm beyond excited about. Mostly because they turned out better than I expected. Which is pretty hard statement for any artist to say when it comes to their work.

Anyway, in this blog I'd love to tell you a little more about specifically when I design (because it may seem a bit sporadic at times, but I have my reasons), how these pieces came to life and where I hope to see them go.

Specifically When I Design:

Doesn't it seem like stores have new inventory everyday? That's because they do. The modern day manufacturing calendar has 52 season. One for every week of the year. There once was a time when there were just 2 seasons in fashion. Spring/Summer and Fall/Winter. I have to say as a designer that I prefer the latter. My main reason being that designing for 52 seasons is an insane amount of work and pressure for everyone involved in the process. Secondly, quality is completely sacrificed for the sake of quantity. There is so much more happening behind the scenes of your favorite labels/brands. I urge you to take a little time and poke your head around. Ask questions.

I've been designing whenever inspiration strikes. Let's face it, time is limited. I work full time and run a small farm on the side. I do plan on creating 2 small collections a year. Custom orders are always welcome as they are usually the ones that truly challenge me as a designer.

How These Pieces Came to Life

After finding some beautiful jade and green aventurine in my box of goodies, I drew inspiration off the first collection to keep a cohesive look. This time around, I didn't sketch as much as I did for the first collection. Laying out the stones/beads in different ways is really how the pieces came together.

Where I Hope to See the Collection

I'd love to see these pieces be gifted out to loved ones this holiday season. I'm also working on getting some into local boutiques on consignment. But it has been a pretty hard year for retail. For everyone really. Making the pieces and sending them out into the world to be seen is really enough for me as an artist.

Let's Wrap it Up

All the new pieces are up on the Hammer & Heart website. Click here and see them in greater detail. Be on the lookout for a Spring/Summer 2021 collection and maybe even some pieces in a store by you!


Owner, Designer, Maker

Hammer & Heart Heirlooms

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