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How To Oxidize Sterling Silver Using Boiled Eggs

My husband and I have made a conscious choice to live a life that is more self-sufficient. We grow our own fruits/vegetables and we have 11 hens for eggs. Which we also incubate and raise for meat. With 11 hens that means A LOT of eggs. We do have a roadside stand that neighbors frequent and we eat as many as we can. However, I still have some in the fridge and on the counter just waiting to be used.

During a late-night scrolling fest, I found a tutorial about oxidizing sterling silver using boiled eggs and instantly thought I had to try this. What a great way to use a couple of eggs and achieve an antique look without having to order a product to do so.

So I gave it a whirl and have to say it is amazing! Check out the steps below and see how you can easily achieve this look with just a couple of eggs!

Step 1: Boil some eggs. I made a couple of extra for deviled eggs.

Step 2: Mash up 1-2 eggs in a bag or Tupperware

Step 3: Pop your piece of metal in there and watch the magic happen.

(I used a scrap piece of sterling silver as a test. I textured it with a riveting hammer just to see what would happen)

The pictures below show a before and after. The piece of metal was in the bag of egg for about an hour.

Step 4: I then used some steel wool to remove the excess oxidation; leaving behind only what was in the textured grooves.

How amazing is this? That we can take something some nature and use it to create something beautiful. It may not be vegan friendly, but I know my chickens live a great life here. And if I didn't use their eggs, they would honestly go to waste.

Stay tuned to see this process used in future Hammer and Heart Heirlooms pieces! For now, be sure to stop by and check out the latest collection!



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