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How To Choose The Right Necklace For Your Body Type

I think sometimes people can get a little confused about how to style necklaces for their bodies frame. So they avoid them altogether. Or they stick to the one or two necklaces they feel comfortable with. But there are really just a few things to take into consideration.


If you're less than 5'4" you want to choose a necklace that helps to elongate your frame but does not hang too low. A necklace that hangs too low can actually make you look shorter than you are. So a long pendant necklace may not be for you. A shorter chain may be a better choice. Anyone over 5'4" can really pull off any length, but always consider your frame.


A necklace is going to draw attention to a specific area. The eye is going to be pulled to where the necklace ends, so if it lands in an area that you are not comfortable with then a different length would be better for you. Many women question what length is best for their bust size. Typically long layered chains work best for women with smaller busts. Those with larger busts may find that shorter styles work better. Longer necklaces are great for broader shoulders because it draws attention to the waist which is smaller. Those with hourglass figures may be confused about what to do because of their curves. Chains that rest on the collar will help highlight your shape. Women with athletic body types can wear many different styles, however longer ones may help lengthen your body more.

There are some other elements to consider when choosing jewelry which I'll write future blog posts about. But for now, we've covered how to choose a necklace for your frame. Remember that length is a major factor and shape. Hopefully, this information helps you a bit in your styling. If you have any questions just email me at

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Katie Wyckoff

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