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Hammer & Heart Heirlooms In the Media; Part 2

When my husband, Myles came into my office and said, "you're going to be on the news", fear was my immediate emotion. Followed by running around the house in sheer panic mode. However, I'm beyond grateful for the opportunity to share my work with the world. An article was published on Christmas day in the local paper, The Courier-Tribune. New Channel 8 also came out in late December to film for a segment called Made in North Carolina. I'll describe the experience in a little great detail below.

I know the newspaper may seem a bit old-school for 2021. Most people probably get their news online, which is why it's great that every newspaper has its own website in addition to print. When storyteller, Tia'Lavon Hill reached out to write a story about Hammer and Heart Heirlooms I was thrilled. A spot in the local paper would get the word out there to the community and increase awareness. Knowing there is a jewelry maker nearby may come in handy for some folks in the area. Ms. Hill and I had a nice conversation. Virtually of course. She asked all sorts of questions about the business and metalsmithing. It was something that she didn't really think of the average person doing. I really hope the article enlightens more about the craft.

On 12/17 news anchor, Brad Jones and a very nice cameraman came out to our home and filmed a segment called Made in North Carolina. I've seen this bit while watching the news in the past. I always thought how crazy would it be to be featured on it. Dreams really do come true, but only if you work for them. For about an hour the guys were here filming. We did an interview portion and then some shots of me working in my studio/office. Honestly, my nerves were through the roof. I hate being on camera or placed on the spot. But every experience is an opportunity to learn.

You can read the article from the Courier-Tribune here.

And view the segment from News Channel 8 here.

While I was very scared and stressed about these events, I'm glad that I was pushed to do them. It can be challenging to fill the roles of both the business owner and maker sometimes. But I really hope this inspires other small business owners out there to push their limits. If you have any questions about how to go about gaining press of your own, please don't hesitate to reach out.

For all media inquiries please reach out to me at

And a special thank you to the Courier-Tribune and News Channel 8!


Owner, Designer, Maker

Hammer & Heart Heirlooms

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