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Hammer and Heart's 2019 Fall/Winter Collection

The F/W 2019 collection is finally here.

It has been a long road to get to this point. There were many long days spend bent over the workbench and staring at the computer screen. So many challenges and mishaps along the way. Melted bezel wires, solder troubleshooting, etc. But I wanted to take a moment to explain to you why I created the line, what it was inspired by and how it came to life.

Why did I create the collection I created?

My main goal was to challenge myself creatively. To push beyond the materials and techniques I'm comfortable with using. The second reason for creating this collection was to take Hammer and Heart to the next level of quality and craftsmanship for my client. Previous designs were made from brass and beads. With the new idea of heirlooms being the end result, I decided to use sterling silver and gemstones so that the pieces would withstand the test of time and last longer.

What inspired the line?

If you know me, you know I love history. Specifically early 20th century design and fashion. In my previous blog entry, I dive deeper into what it is about that period inspires me. But for this collection, simplistic yet classic silhouettes are what I really aimed to create so that the pieces could transcend time and be worn for decades to come. The materials themselves are also something that influenced the designs. I wish I could describe how, but its just something that happens so organically for me that I can't find words. When sitting at the workbench with the materials in front of me and sketches underway, it just happens. The shapes and colors blend together to form something unique and beautiful.

How was the collection produced?

Being transparent and open about how my pieces are made is very important to me. I want you to know exactly where the materials are coming from, that it is being handmade just for you and that everything about the process is ethical and always working towards sustainable design. With that being said, these are the exact steps it took to create the collection:

  • Hand drawn sketches

  • Pick out top designs

  • Create samples

  • Make design edits

  • Source materials

  • Edit design again based off what materials I could find

  • Make spec sheet for each design and figure out pricing

  • Make final sample - made more design edits if needed

  • Photograph and edit photos for website/marketing materials

  • Update website

  • Create marketing and email strategy

  • Create line sheets

  • Contact retailers

This collection is very dear to me because I really pushed my own limits to make it. Pushing boundaries is always challenging and scary because you run into things that don't work or feelings of fear or self-doubt. Am I even capable of soldering this seam together? Maybe it doesn't work out the first or even second time. But this journey was essential for not only the business, but myself as a maker.

The new line is available at Hammer and Heart Heirlooms website. And will hopefully be sold at select specialty stores!

P.S - all designs are able to be customized if you have a different metal or stone preference. I love to work one on one to create that perfect piece. A pieces that you or a loved one will cherish for years to come. To make something special, email me directly at


Owner, Designer, Maker

Hammer & Heart Heirlooms

"Limits like fears are often just an illusion"

-Michael Jordan

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