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Deflt Clay Casting - Tutorial

As an artist or maker, I feel it's important to try new things and keep growing. Even if it means doing something that may be a little scary.

I've been wanting to be able to cast. After a whole bunch of research on different methods, I came up with delft clay casting. So today I'm going to introduce you to what delft clay casting is, the possibilities it opens up, and why it is a great casting option.

Delft Clay Casting is a refined version of traditional sand casting. The sand is much finer which will create sharper more detailed casts. Molds can be made from wax (pictured above), wood, plastic, epoxy, or metal. Once you have your mold you put it into the sand, then you create air holes and a pouring channel. Using a crucible and heat source the metal is heated up to a molten state which is then poured into the channel. Gravity pulls the liquid metal down and fills in the empty cavity your mold originally created.

Once the metal has been poured in you can separate your mold and take the finished piece out. There will be an extra bit of metal attached to the piece which can be sawed off. The blackened sand can be discarded as it can't be used again. However, all the remaining orange sand can. Simply clean off the piece and finish it with any sanding or polishing.

This opens the door to so many different designs. I created this brass heart sample for a custom order. It's also a great way to make multiples of things. So if other family members or friends wanted the same piece, I could easily create it by reusing the master mold.

It also has very little waste. Only the small amount of charred sand that the molten metal touch has to be discarded. All the remaining sand can be reused and a bag of it will last years. I'm not a master in this by any means, but I really enjoyed using this traditional technique with its modern flair.

What other types of jewelry making are you interested in learning more about? Comment below and maybe I can do a blog post on it.

Katie Wyckoff

Owner, Designer, Maker

Hammer & Heart Heirlooms

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