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 Are you a lover of history, collecting old beautiful things and often find yourself daydreaming of a simpler time?


Then we’re a lot alike. I’m Katie Wyckoff. Owner and designer of Hammer and Heart Jewelry. I understand that we live in a fast-paced, high tech, modern world, with fast fashion all around us. And that’s the exact reason why I opened my business. Because when I’m in my studio creating, I’m at peace and able to create pieces for my clients that withstand the test of time.


The inspirations for my designs come mostly from the Edwardian Era. A time period at the beginning of the twentieth century that is known for its elegance and class. Historical clothing, architecture, illustrations, fabrics, books and more inspire me to create pieces with a timeless feel, unexpected whimsy, and quality to last for generations to come.


My passion for jewelry started in college. An introductory metalsmithing class introduced new materials and challenges. Fast forward a few years, after working in the fashion world, I saw the immense amount of waste that is produced, leaving me to question my values and eventually fleeing to a desk job in Corporate America. Where I daydreamed of designing and creating beautiful things by hand. Looking down at the vintage ring on my finger, given to me by my mother, I decided to start creating again in my spare time.


But it wasn’t until 2018 when I took the leap of faith and dived headfirst into my jewelry business. Mixing old and new materials together to reinterpret vintage looks that feel nostalgic and lovely. I use traditional metalsmithing techniques, tools our ancestors once used and materials that have been ethically sourced with sustainability always in mind. While preserving parts of the past, I love to give my clients the chance to embrace who you truly are in the present. All with the hopes that one day you will pass down the piece to your daughter or granddaughter to be cherished in the future.


Take a walk down memory lane with me and create a one of a kind piece that will be sure to stand out in the crowded fast fashion sea.


To start the journey of creating a custom piece email me directly at


Thank you, 


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